Cutie Patootie

A quick story and kudos to my 4-year-old nephew Drew, better known as cutiepatootie, for his compassion. Last week, my brother, Phat, took Drew out for ice cream at Gunthers (one of my local favorite mom-and-pops ice-cream shops in Sacramento.) Being the spoiling uncle, that he is (OK, I spoil him too, but that’s my job right?) my brother bought Drew two mini ice cream cones. Drew ate happily, ice cream dripping down the mouth and all. But his smiling face turn sad when he looked outside the window and saw a little girl crying. “Oh no!” Drew said, “Why is she crying?” Phat said, “I don’t know, maybe she’s sad or doesn’t have a cone?” “With an a-ha, split second moment, Drew quickly said, “I know what! I have another ice cream, can I give it to her?” Phat said, “Do you want to give it to her?” With no hesitation, “Drew said, “Yes.” He walked outside, patting the weeping girl on the shoulder, “Don’t cry little girl,” he said, “I have an ice cream for you.” The girl smiled and so did Drew! I was so proud of Drew for sharing and caring. Again, this is not about hand outs, giving people food, but rather a passion for compassion. Wouldn’t the world be better place if we all planted the seed early and had more people who are aware? When Drew was a baby, I remember asking my sister Lynn, what she wanted Drew to be when he grows up. Lynn replied, “I don’t really care what he chooses to be, as long as he is a compassionate human being.” And compassionate he is.

Perhaps Mother Teresa’s quote sums it up best, “If you judge people, you don’t have time to love them.”

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